How to Dominate Search Engines for Local Locksmiths & Small Businesses

As studies show, over 50% of online searchers looking for the services of a locksmith will use local search engines without even targeting small businesses within the area or nearby towns. So, to allow your locksmith business to start establishing a strong online presence and begin dominating local search engines, take note of certain local SEO strategies.

Introducing Your Business

On your website, share essential information about your locksmith business. Other than wanting to have a list of all the locksmith services you offer, potential customers may be interested in finding out more about your business – particularly the business-owners, your business name, your location, your number of years in service, your rates, and even your objective. Make sure to feature a contact page, too.

The Importance of Content

Publish quality content regularly. They don’t have to be geo-targeted articles; rather, any discussions relevant to locksmiths will do. It could be case studies about locksmiths, industry news, customer testimonials, honest reviews about your services, or success tales of a big locksmith company whose operations began as a small business. Remember, search engines index every new post on your website. More content means more opportunity for your business to be found.

Off-Page & On-Page Local Search Optimization

Optimize your local locksmith business’ website using off-page SEO by outsourcing content to social media networks, getting other businesses to feature a link to your website, and submitting your website to local business registries and online directories (e.g. Google+ Local). Then, focus on polishing the three key on-page elements: the title page, header page, content page, and internal links. On your website, emphasize that you are a locksmith business by creating an impressive title and headline and posting quality content on the front page. Once online searchers decide to visit your website, suggest that you offer reliable local locksmith services – in other words, assure them you are exactly what they’re looking for. Additionally, you may make your website mobile-friendly and feature location pages.

Acknowledging Your Competition

Talking about the advantages of availing of locksmith services that other local locksmiths offer is good for your small business. It fosters harmonious relations with your competition, which may result to getting new clients and a feature on their websites in return. More importantly, it lets you come up with geo-targeted content. It’s helpful for you and for other locksmith companies with your locality and nearby towns without getting buzzed by search engines for keyword stuffing.

Pick and Fix are a great example of dominating their local towns, through Essex in the UK. Chelmsford Locksmiths, is a great example of one of their local landing pages.

The Importance of Professional Customised Clothing for Businesses

In today’s world, how you present yourself physically is just as important as your job performance. This is the reason why there is a growing demand for professional customised clothing for business.

Here are some of the reasons why customised clothing for business is important for your business growth:

  1. Corporate Branding

If your employees wear customised uniforms, you are establishing an impression in the mind of your clients. Professional customised clothes make your employees look more confident and credible. Wearing these uniforms and professional clothing identifies your staff who are associated with your business. When you design catchy yet professional apparel for your employees, it will inspire interest in your company and your products.

  1. Projecting Competence

These professional customised clothing project confidence and competence. When you look good and you look smart, your clients will trust you more. It makes you and your employees look trustworthy, able, and reliable. Studies show that people are more likely to trust well-dressed and professional-looking customer service representatives and business associates.

  1. Pride and sense of belongingness

Wearing a customised corporate uniform or clothing instill pride amongst your employees. It also makes them feel like they belong to the organization. If you do not want your employees to wear the professional customised clothing to work, they can wear it during company events and even trade fairs.

  1. Increased productivity

When you are wearing business clothes, you will confident and competent. You will feel like you can do just about anything. Wearing sharp and well-tailored business clothes will help increase your productivity and efficiency. It also improves your mindset and your attitude towards work. What you wear often affects your mood and your outlook. Your employees will be more productive too when they are wearing the company’s customised clothing.

  1. It is a great giveaway or gifts

Customised clothing can be a great giveaway to your clients, too. You can incorporate your corporate logo into the design of the clothing and give them as gifts to your valued clients. Your important clients will surely appreciate the gesture. You can also use these customised items to advertise and promote your products.

Customized clothing is a wise investment whether you have a large company or a small business. It increases brand recognition. It also increases your clients’ confidence in you, your products, and your employee. It also makes your employees feel good about being with the company.

If you’re looking for a worldwide supplier for your corporate clothing, Logos 4 Polos look like they fit the bill perfectly. Check them our via the link! They’re mainly known for their personalisation (Embroidery or Printing) by the looks of it.


Food Waste Statistics

Famine is a serious problem that many people and organizations are concerned about. However, it will be worse if we don’t get food waste solved. Why do famine and food waste exist at the same time? This is an odd question with no answer. However, food waste and famine have attracted more attention lately. Furthermore, to get this problem solved completely, people have to do a lot of things. Every day, large quantities of edible food are being wasted without being noticed. The following information will explain specific reasons about food waste statistics.

Food waste is considered as a global problem. This is a massive problem that should be solved. According to the statistics, 1/3 of all edible food is globally being wasted daily. 40% of food in the US is not eaten, and 1.3 billion tons of foods are trashed. This is an unbelievable amount. However, this number still continues to grow with high speed. From 1974 to 2003, 50% of food waste increased. This is a complete waste that people should think about. It costs a lot of money and resources. About 25% of all freshwater and 300 million barrels of oil are used to produce food that is wasted monthly and yearly. $250 billion are lost globally every year in total calculation. This is a waste of money and time when people put more resources toward the environment, and then leave food wasted. Farmers have to spend time on the environment growing crops. Landfills will be used to support nutrition for crops. Therefore, polluted environment will be inevitable.

Food waste is responsible for 135 million tons of greenhouse gases every year, or about 1.5% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. This is also a significant source of Methane. If people don’t save these sources, they will waste lots of money. This is also considered as a great source of energy to use. In addition, people will get more money being wasted when the cost of food has increased. During the last ten years, the food costs have reached over 42%, and this number still continues to increase. 8% of food waste increased was estimated in 2011.

In US foodservice operations, 4-10% food purchased is trashed without being eaten. In addition, $8-20 billion was wasted by the US foodservice industry every year. There are several reasons of food waste: awareness, finance and time.

Solutions can be applied for food waste if they are delivered properly. If people increase their awareness about food waste and famine, they will solve the problem. Government should have more rules and regulations about food waste. Instead of having food wasted, we can use these foods to help poor people. Therefore, we can solve food waste and famine at the same time. Moreover, people can also save lots of money and time. Every year, the number of food waste and famine has increased with high rates. It is time to solve problem by combining everything. No more food waste, no more famine! Actions are better than words.

For more information on the basic food hygiene certificate, head over to the link provided (UK only).

4 Disaster Recovery tips for SME’s

Organizations have become more dependent upon converged IT and telecoms infrastructure for the day to day operations and the result is dramatic increase in risk to the business continuity. Non-existence or insufficient Disaster recovery planning presents obvious operational risk and exposes company directors to compliance or regulatory liability.

Disasters can take several different forms such as a minor issue such as a crushed hard drive or disasters with more impact such as storms, floods, sabotage, terrorism or epidemic illness. Each of these disasters can at the very least cause short-term business disruptions in normal operation. Disaster recovery planning ensures you’re one step ahead as highlighted by the following tips for SME businesses.

Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

SMEs need to assess the company’s risk when it comes to disaster planning. A simple test of this would be to imagine this has happened to your firm and your office is no longer accessible. How would you operate today? How about for the rest of the week? What about for a month or two?

You should never rely on keeping one off-site backup and you should always know the whereabouts of the said data at all times.

Consider Cloud and Offline Based Backup

Determine what information to backup on the cloud and train staff on how to retrieve the same in case of an emergency situation. The disaster recovery plan should consider that data should be backed up on an agreed and monitored schedule to the appropriate medium based on the recovery time objective set out.

Understand restore processes: partial vs. full

Many disasters don’t result in the total destruction of your hardware. Sometimes a recovery simply entails rerunning a failed process, such as performing a reload of a data warehouse. For others, a problem affects only a small subset of the whole system, such as a particular database, or table within it.

Company staffs need to be aware of the recovery processes be it full or partial. If the recovery team is unaware of such methods then they may spend an unacceptable amount of time performing a complete recovery process, when they could have resolved the issue by running a single process.

Test your Disaster Recovery Plan

If you experience “total environment failure”, perhaps due to fire, flood, or other natural disaster, your decision to rebuild the system might require a restore at a new location with a backup copy of the data. These days most companies could not survive for any length of time on non-computerized systems.

The mere existence of a recovery plan does not translate to success of its implementation. The plan needs to be tested by the company staff to better understand it and also check on how long it would take for the business to be back in operation and this needs to be done regularly.


It is said that 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months. One of the architects at Prosyn Limited ( which specializes in Disaster recovery in London for SMEs highlights you cannot put a price to things you cannot repair or replace like customer data. What you can do is to ensure that the data is backed up online to an offsite facility somewhere safe and secure to facilitate recovery and continuity when disaster strikes.

4 Reasons Why you Need Consultants

If you own a business, it is important that you hire consultants to assist you in helping manage your business more effectively. This is a great move that can help boost the productivity of your business. This article offers you some of the major reason why you need consultants.

Carry out unbiased evaluation

consultingWhen doing your business evaluation, you have high chances of getting biased or making prejudiced conclusion during the process. Due to the fact that consultants act as third parties in the business, they assist give fresh perspective on some issues that you may not have noticed. This will go a long way in helping your business get back on track because you become more focused on the direction that you want to take in order to realise all the set objectives. They will help you gain a competitive edge over other similar businesses, by giving you advice on what unique things you need to do to get more customers.

Make identification of problem areas

Business consultants have the ability to make evaluation of your business including problematic areas that may be hindering the growth of your business. By recognising these areas on your behalf, you will be able to come up with ways on how to deal with such issues to get rid of the problems. The consultants will also assist you design the most effective solutions.

Get specialised help

As a business owner, you may have ideas on what you want from your business, butWorking meeting you do not know how to pursue them and make them real. Consultants will be able to assist you in project management, so that you can draw a map on how to get from point A to point B more effectively. In addition, they will also be in a better position to inform you on whether your goals are realistic or not depending on the current status of your business. They act as brainstorming partners who can work together with you to come up with great strategies to boost your business.

Some recommended UK consultants you might need to call upon:

Finance –

Compliance –

Insurance –

HR –

Reduce HR and overhead costs

The professionals will assist in helping improve the skill set for those who work in the business. The consultants can train managers and other top executives, so that they can be able to run the business more efficiently. On the other hand, your employees will be trained on how to perform their responsibilities by being enlightened on how to optimise their skills and knowledge in their various specialties.